Friday, November 19, 2010

I Not Crazy - You Crazy! AGHHH, AJJJHHH, RAWRRRR!

My friend and amazing blogger Laura fell off the wagon and started blogging again. You can find that here. Yesterday she wrote about a weird dream. Last night - I had an amazing dream:

I was in some sort of classroom but couldn't leave because there was a terrorist threat. Everyone was locked down. I'm not sure why, but I took someone's baby from their carriage and threw it like a football across the room and out the window. As soon as it hit the window the baby exploded! The baby was the terrorist threat. I was hailed as a hero/ the guy that detonated the bomb inside a classroom full of people. No one died.

Maybe this means airport security has it all wrong? Should we be doing body scans and aggressive sensual patdowns? No. We should be cutting open babies to see if they're full of explosives. Case closed. Your welcome America.