Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Clown Story

Here's what happened. My buddy Brian was having a "moving out of my apartment" party in NYC. I was up there several weeks ago and that's when he started telling me that I should be back for this party. He didn't let up. He didn't give up. Well, neither did I. I decided that best course of action was to hire a clown to show up and surprise him and drink at the party in my place.

Over the course of 12 hours I located a clown in NYC (via craigslist), negotiated with the clown, got an insider of the forthcoming party to help facilitate, paid the clown and then nervously awaited a phone call when I knew the time had come.

As it turns out, I had no idea that Brian and his guests would be on the roof until 11pm (when I asked MishMish to show up). It worked perfectly because as people filtered back into the apartment, there was a clown standing in the living room!

This is the "confused, surprised and getting excited" face of Brian when he realized there was a clown standing in his living room, making balloon animals:

I was afraid that having used craigslist, he may actually show up and rob everyone at the party, or that the people at the party would really not be into it and potentially stab him or something horrible...

So everything turned out great. That's Brian, the clown, the insider, and another surprised party-goer.

This photo is awesome. See that girl sitting on the couch in the lower left hand side of the photo? She's not posing for a picture, shes going about a normal conversation like she doesn't have a balloon hat on! And that my friends, is a party.