Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not To Pick On You But...

Once again I'm afraid I may have to be kinda a dick. I have a "friend" on facebook who never ceases to amaze me. This person wrote a "note" about how technology has made us able to all be connected instantly through Facebook, Twitter, text messaging and blah blah blah. They write that there are times that they may not be able to get back to someone instantly who reaches out. These times that are inconvenient to responding to a communique:

"They include but are not limited to:
being at church, attending a meeting or conference, sitting on the toilet, working on an intensive project, being baptized, going out on a date, taking granny to the doctor, standing in the shower, spending quality time with a friend or family member, getting arrested, driving in a city that doesn't allow TWD. Maybe one saw you and made a mental note to chat at a more convenient time. Maybe they became distracted. Maybe they had facebook or twitter open while they were browsing other sites. That doesn't qualify as
ignoring you."

This person is so wrong.
  • sitting on the toilet? wrong. If I've ever spoken to you on the phone theres a 50% chance I was on the can. If we've ever communicated in general, that percentage goes up 40 points easy. Don't make excuses. What else you doing on the can that you can't talk?
  • being baptized? call me naive - but aren't the majority of people who are being baptized under the age of 10 years old or something? Stop trying to holler at shorties, literally.
  • taking granny to the doctor? whatever you do, please do not try to contact me while I sit in the waiting room of the cardiologist. I'm reading "Time" magazines from 1997 and need not to be disturbed during.
  • standing in the shower? how long you shower for?
  • getting arrested? if this person were to be arrested i'd be in shock. but a potentially valid argument for not responding to someone.
  • driving in a city that doesn't allow TWD? seriously, don't be a pussy.
I think the moral of this story is that you're not as busy as you think are and you're even less important than you think you are. Anyways - my legs are kinda falling asleep sitting on the toilet so I must be going...

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Ben said...

this is yet another reason to begin work on telepathy.