Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Screw Shirts and Shoes, What About Pants?!

I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend! I was working my balls off in some of the hottest and most humid weather DC has had to offerr this year. During one particularly cool moment in the shade it all came to me quite clear. Now, some may say that as a generic pants-hater this isn't too far off the radar for someone like myself, but I'll share it with you either way...

I challenge any local businesses in the Washington D.C. area to make pants optional in your stores/restaurants/venues/whatever. It's bloody hot out there, man! Traditionally we're used to the old "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs. Well they don't say anything about pants! I'm not looking for people to expose themselves (even though I guess I don't mind) but if you want people to wear pants in your place of business, maybe you should clarify.

Additionally I challenge you to go to a place of business without pants and see what happens. "But there isn't a sign saying I must wear pants to buy this ice cream!" If we want to overturn this social norm of wearing pants everywhere, we need to get crackin!

Now I understand many of you out there are what people refer to as "women." You can wear skirts or dresses or whatever and not have to worry about pants. Should that be your argument, please keep it to yourself, but most importantly, please keep wearing said skirts.

Let's call it an ode to the greatest no-pants wearers of all time:
So, should you take the challenge, let us know how it goes!


Paul Mazzuca said...

Wonderful Graber! And wonderful graphic of Mr. Porky (the Pantsless One) Pig! I prefer nudity, not for any salacious reason or because that's the way I plopped into this world, all wet, salty and bloody, but because it frees my movements.

Yogi's in the woods during their final stage (the Sanskrit name fails me at the momemnt) of life are said to wander naked throught the forests doing asanas and pujas.

We are still a sexually repressed, Puritanical, finger-wagging moralistic society, eh?

And summer's gonna be HOT!!

For Alej said...

i WHOLEHEARTEDLY support everything about this.

joven said...

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