Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Alive

Barely. I know it's bee a while since I've contributed anything to these world wide webs, but generally that's a good thing. Truth is, I haven't been doing much. The good news is that pedicab season is slowly arriving which means I'll be more human again and my life will proceed to be a little more interesting. I'm also looking for a place to live in DC - if you know about anything - hit me up.

To further prove the point that not much excitement is happening in my life currently, I'd like to present Exhibit A in the totally-made-my-fucking-day department:



Ben said...


brett said...

academic degree

I’ve been doing some serious research about the positioning of buttons in forms in general. And what I’ve come up with is to put the “Primary Action”-button left-aligned with the form. One of the reasons for doing this is that the eye automatically searches for a new form element to the left just under the previous elem

onthe1 said...

Fuck you that is awesome!

Stream of Consciousness said...

i really want this, but i feel like i'll wind up eating the entire thing myself...which frankly, is not going to help maintain my girlish figure...fuck you for introducing this to my brain!