Friday, March 26, 2010

Craigslist is for Lovers

This winter I was all stressed about not working, not being able to find work and an assortment of other various shenanigans. But said stress was no match for the month that I looked for a place to live in DC. But that's all behind me now...

Good news up front - I'm moving into town April 1st a few blocks north of U street and extremely close to Columbia Heights and the dreaded Adams Morgan. It's walking distance to the 9:30 Club and the Black Cat! It's 5 bedroom house, I've met 3 of the other roommates and the price is right.

What's remarkable about the whole experience is the sheer amount of time I spent on Craigslist. I like to think of Craigslist as the website that embodies the spirit of Atlantic City, Detroit and pre-olympic Beijing. Craigslist is a quad-polar website - it can be useful, hysterical, creepy or harmful.

Over the course of the month, just looking for housing, I came across 3 different types of scams! Who are the people who are stupid enough to fall for that shit? I won't be sending you my credit report, complete with my social security number, bank account and credit card information! I won't mail you a check overseas without ever seeing a property or meeting you! I will most certainty not believe that you are a good Christian and live/work in West Africa and blah blah blah! It's completely unbelievable!

Side note: I have a short attention span and while I was typing this I wandered off and ended up seeing THIS. Again, this makes me happy I found an affordable place to live.

The most gut-wrenching thing about the whole process of looking for a place to live via craigslist is that I am moving into a place I didn't find through the fucking website! A friend of mine told me about his co-worker who was looking for someone.

The process is incredible - it's super competitive out there to find a place to live. I went to open houses, I met prospective roommates, I was basically interviewed! (This is a whole new concept for me) The lying that takes place is way more fun than any interview you have for a job! "Yeah, I hate farting and walking around in my underwear drinking straight out of the brita!" It's going to be different living with strangers compared to your friends. In New Brunswick I lived with friends and they were ok with it! (aka - they figured arguing with me about it was a losing battle...)

Because I'm a super-nice guy it was weird going from one house interview to another right afterwards. It felt remarkably like seeing two girls on the same day. Either way, crisis averted - I'm moving and this particular nightmare of finding a place is behind me!

So if you're in dc - let's kick it.


Stream of Consciousness said...

it was a regular occurrence to find you box-clad in front of the open refrigerator pouring water into your mouth straight from the brita. The amazing part was that your mouth hardly ever made contact with the brita. frankly, i see no problem with this because the brita may have been the cleanest item in that fridge.

For Alej said...

your new roommates are so lucky. i won't get really jealous unless/until you start watching syndicated sitcoms on lifetime with them though.

bcallow said...

I for one appreciated your fart alarm clock. I knew when I heard that release of sweet gas that you were awake and it was probably time for me to get out of bed.

tralala said...

last year, i was so determined to save for a down payment to get a house in the city area..but i just realized that i really dont want to grow old in the city.,,and buying a house in the city is not just a good decision...instead, im planning on buying the ones in the suburbs..