Friday, March 26, 2010

Craigslist is for Lovers

This winter I was all stressed about not working, not being able to find work and an assortment of other various shenanigans. But said stress was no match for the month that I looked for a place to live in DC. But that's all behind me now...

Good news up front - I'm moving into town April 1st a few blocks north of U street and extremely close to Columbia Heights and the dreaded Adams Morgan. It's walking distance to the 9:30 Club and the Black Cat! It's 5 bedroom house, I've met 3 of the other roommates and the price is right.

What's remarkable about the whole experience is the sheer amount of time I spent on Craigslist. I like to think of Craigslist as the website that embodies the spirit of Atlantic City, Detroit and pre-olympic Beijing. Craigslist is a quad-polar website - it can be useful, hysterical, creepy or harmful.

Over the course of the month, just looking for housing, I came across 3 different types of scams! Who are the people who are stupid enough to fall for that shit? I won't be sending you my credit report, complete with my social security number, bank account and credit card information! I won't mail you a check overseas without ever seeing a property or meeting you! I will most certainty not believe that you are a good Christian and live/work in West Africa and blah blah blah! It's completely unbelievable!

Side note: I have a short attention span and while I was typing this I wandered off and ended up seeing THIS. Again, this makes me happy I found an affordable place to live.

The most gut-wrenching thing about the whole process of looking for a place to live via craigslist is that I am moving into a place I didn't find through the fucking website! A friend of mine told me about his co-worker who was looking for someone.

The process is incredible - it's super competitive out there to find a place to live. I went to open houses, I met prospective roommates, I was basically interviewed! (This is a whole new concept for me) The lying that takes place is way more fun than any interview you have for a job! "Yeah, I hate farting and walking around in my underwear drinking straight out of the brita!" It's going to be different living with strangers compared to your friends. In New Brunswick I lived with friends and they were ok with it! (aka - they figured arguing with me about it was a losing battle...)

Because I'm a super-nice guy it was weird going from one house interview to another right afterwards. It felt remarkably like seeing two girls on the same day. Either way, crisis averted - I'm moving and this particular nightmare of finding a place is behind me!

So if you're in dc - let's kick it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Alive

Barely. I know it's bee a while since I've contributed anything to these world wide webs, but generally that's a good thing. Truth is, I haven't been doing much. The good news is that pedicab season is slowly arriving which means I'll be more human again and my life will proceed to be a little more interesting. I'm also looking for a place to live in DC - if you know about anything - hit me up.

To further prove the point that not much excitement is happening in my life currently, I'd like to present Exhibit A in the totally-made-my-fucking-day department: