Friday, January 8, 2010

My Friday > Your Friday

Old people in South Florida like to complain. They have nothing to do outside of voting season and the temperatures have been cold by their standards. Those standards are: anything below 70 is simply unacceptable. However today it was as high as 75. I spent 2 and a half hours doing this:

Nice legs. I know. Sorry for the weird angle - the dog took the picture.

However, I did finish a book that I started a long time ago, thinking I'd finish it on my road trip. I was wrong because the tv show Lost entered my life. City of Thieves by David Benioff. Solid quick read - enjoyed it very much. Benioff wrote The 25th Hour and later the screenplay for the movie which was a "Spike Lee Joint" if that gives you any more clarity.

Either way - I'm back in DC and the cold tomorrow. Pedicabbing Sunday? Give me a shout if you're downtown.

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Nick said...

Its good to hear from you. Also, I can't express how jealous I am that I have to keep reading about you picking up and going all over the country, but I'm stuck in NYC all the time.

Keep having fun for the rest of us.