Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Cross-Country Road Trip Video

I wanted to learn about video editing so I decided to make this video about my road trip. I hope it's not so long that you lose interest but I know how short my attention span is.

After uploading it to Youtube I got an email saying that some content in my video may be owned by Sony Music Entertainment. If they decide to take it down because of the sons I used I won't be too happy. (Smart Technology though) If it's not working please drop me a note. Enjoy.

Also - it did look better (quality wise) when I was making it on a full screen and doesn't translate that great in Youtube world.

Please let me know what you think!


Ben said...

Frickin A

(A is for awesome)

M. said...

Good work! I'd like to do the same trip. Don't worry, your video is excellent :). What about a trip in Europe? France, Switzerland, Poland (which is a wonderful country, believe me)... :D

Myriam (France)

Evan said...

nice! pretty much captures it!

Miss Lisa said...

Hey Brian! That was awesome! Now I want to make one for my "almost" cross country trip, hehe.

Miss you!

Laura said...

awesome! love the beignet shot.

For Alej said...

my favorite part (other than evan's intro) is the sign about not picking people up by the prison. cause duh.

Stream of Consciousness said...

that was awesome, graber! good work! it made me jealous that while i'm unemployed, i'm in stupid school and you're taking these awesome road trips!