Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lifestyle Change

Everyone is all excited or pissed off today about this iPad thing. I never heard about it before today. Is it like a tampon? I don't get it.

Well let me tell you what I'm excited about. No, it may not be the latest technology out there but I guarantee it's just as satisfying. Now I've never been a "slipper guy." I maybe had a pair as a kid but don't remember wearing them. However, I just received a pair of these bad boys and it is life changing!

No longer do I have to walk around the house in socks to protect my feet from the cold! Yes we can! No longer will that cold penetrate my socks! Yes we can! (SOTU tonight - just felt it...)

These bad boys are Haflinger Slippers straight from Germany. I highly recommend them!

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