Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Chinese Are Trying To Kill Us

Relax - you knew this. While I was on my trip I bought my friends Hannah and Ben a pair of "cute" mugs from San Francisco. I didn't get you anything, I know. That would be because I hate you, clearly. ANYWAYS, I bought them the gift in part as long overdue housewarming gift:

See, it's cute. They matched and all that shit that couples pretend to like because the happier you are, the less likey you're going to get stabbed in the face while sleeping. ANYWAYS, I thought I did well on this one until approximatley 45 seconds after I handed the goods over, Ben (pictured: right) read a label that was apparently on the bottom of the mug:

Oops. They said maybe they could use them to plant stuff in but a) they were probably just being nice and b) the plants would die of lead and cadmium poisoning.

I've taken this as a sign to never do anything nice for anyone ever again and you have China to thank for that one!

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ShArM said...

hahaha I love the way you think!! sweet!and it's true, everytime you try to make something good for others it turns on you and they end up acting like they liked it when actually the hate it!!

by the way nice blog title ;)