Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Revisiting My 2009 Resolutions...

Last year I made some "resolutions." The only real way to do it is if you look back and see how shitty you are at following through if you accomplished what you set out to do.

Let's see how I did....
  1. Listen to more Sly and the Family Stone (FAIL)
  2. Bone up on Steve Buscemi trivia (FAIL)
  3. Read less dark/depressing books (just read Survivor and Snuff by Chuck P.)(CHECK)
  4. Attempt to identify who the proverbial "they" are (CHECK - attempted and failed)
  5. Strengthen my loaded questions skills (BIG CHECK)
  6. Harmonica? (FAIL)
  7. Try to not spaz over Green Day's New Album (this spring!) (CHECK)
  8. Figure out what comes next (EPIC FAIL)
  9. Escape. (FAIL)
  10. Never do resolutions again... (CHECK)
5 outta 5 ain't bad...


bcallow said...

Steve Busemi was the father of which character on Pete and Pete.

Graber said...

no idea. see i told you!