Thursday, November 5, 2009

When The Teabaggers Come Back...

we all win. As a pedicabber, I'll invite 10,000 people down to the national mall any day of the week! The Teabaggers (hehe) were back again today because FOX News told them to do so. And just like last time, they tip well. Ultimately, they don't want my family to exist and think I'm going to hell, but I WILL take their money. suckers.

The lack of knowledge these people possess about how government really works could be the most horrifying thing about it to. Or maybe it's a pure blinding hatred thing involving the President. But I had a teabagger ask me today on the cab, "Do you need a liscense to do this?" I said, "No, pedicabs aren't regulated in this city yet." Immediatley he responded, "Well wait until Obama gets his hands on it."

UGH. It's not nice to tell people who you are relying on a tip for that they are in fact, a moron. I said, "Actually, Washington D.C. is it's own city with it's own government. We have our own taxicab commision that is trying to deal with it. Obama has bigger issues to deal with than liscening 40 pedicabs."


The other thing I'll mention that irritated me, besides everything was after the rally was over, they were encouraging people to head up to Nancy Pelosi's office for a sit-in. I almost feel like these people aren't worthy enough to take part in such a historically strong protest method. The sit-in is most notable for its role in the civl rights movement. These teabaggers (not to generalize) are racists.

So please come back soon so the pedicab business can boom. And please continue buying crap (illegally) like "don't tread on me" flags from dudes on the street who have no liscense to sell and are most definitley illegal immigrants.

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Paul Mazzuca said...

Perhaps you'll take solace or more likely another pill to help you sleep nights when you are sitting up in bed, sleeplessly squirming, realizing these proles have a vote that cancels yours.
Thanks for the civics comment, too.