Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pedicab Confessionals 2.1

Let me tell you a story about a nice young beared Jewish fellow who got royally screwed.

The day was something like Tuesday, November 3, 2009. It was a slow day pedicabbing on the Nation's Mall, but the young pedicabber who for the sake of anonymity, we'll call, Brian Graber, had a fantastic book to read.

Ok I can't write like this much longer without poking my eyeballs out.

I talked to a young prego and Air Force hubby before they went into the Air and Space Museum. They said after it closed at 5:30, they'd want to see the Capitol, White House and Lincoln Memorial. I said we usually get $60 an hour. She said they didn't really have that kind of money, I said whatever, we'll work something out.

The time comes and off we go to see this crap. We do the Capitol and head down Pennsylania Ave. We stop at the ATM so they can eventually pay me and then CVS so they can get a disposable camera. They come out of CVS saying he left his ATM card in the ATM. Moron. We go back. After its been taken (it's still DC, fools) we head to the White House and down to the Lincoln. I'm waiting forever for them at the Lincoln and they finally come back to me at 6:50, almost an hour and a half after picking them up. (Keeping in mind that they're going to give me less than $60)

They said they wanted to check out the Vietnam Memorial and I said, "I gotta go. I've been out with you guys for a while and I gotta be back around 7."
'Oh I'm sorry we didn't know," she said. "We were taking out time, if I knew you had to go we would have hurried."


I get them back to the metro just after 7pm and they give me, wait for it... $29.
Now this isn't the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, but definitley shitty.

To make matter worse, when we were on Penn. Ave, she said her feet were cold because she was wearing sandals like a moron. I told her I had a clean pair of sock in my bag if she wanted to borrow them - she accepted. Well in my rage/annoyance for only getting $29 bucks I let her walk with my nice fucking socks. Again, not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagingation but the botton line is: fuck those guys.


For Alej said...

you really would have taken the socks back?

Graber said...

definitely! i bring that pair of socks to work in case my feet/legs get cold and then i put them over my regular socks and they come up towards my knees.

they have my cell phone number and if there is any humanity left in this world (which there isn't) they'd call to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Bah. That couldn't of been a real military couple. A real military couple would have flashed their IDs like gold dollars and demanded everything for free for spilling their blood to defend yours. Consider yourself lucky that they didn't take your pants too.