Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meth Linked to Andre Agassi's Hair Loss

According to Andre Aggasi's new autobiography, he smoked some crystal meth back in 1997. Oooooo - well whoopide-freakin'-do!

What outrages me about this is that other tennis players are outraged themselves. It's not a performance enhancing drug by any stretch of the imagination. I bet it's hard as shit to play tennis not even high on crystal meth but even the day after smoking crystal meth! If he was able to be one the best tennis players of all time, en beteven though he slumped during his meth using days, then bravo to him. That makes him even better than we originally thought!

Rafael Nadal said something to the extent of "This is terrible, why is he saying this now that he's retired?" TO SELL BOOKS YOU MORON! One day when Nadal is retired his autobiography will probably contain stories of cross-dressing prostitution, but at least he'll know then, that he's really just saying it because his days of high paying sponsorships are over. Pimps gotta get paid, 'ya know?!

It's not like he was hiding in the corner of the court rocking back and forth tweaking out, making people nervous that he would pop up and shank them in the throat or anything like that!

Remember when Ricky Williams was kicked out of the NFL for smoking weed? Ridiculous. If he could smoke and run the crap out of the football, they should have said, "that's completley amazing - you a truly gifted athlete, please come to my team for millions and millions of dollars and we'll convince you to quit so you can be even greater."

Yes, athletes doing drugs is looked down upon because they are supposed to be role-models for the kids. When can we say as a nation that that idea is absurd?

Tim Lincecum of the San Fransico Giants was just arrested for marijuana possesion and the kid (he's like 23) had a pitching record of 15-7 this year. That's good! He's a great pitcher and could be a hall 'o famer some day. Now he's gotta deal with this.

In closing - to say that athletes shouldn't use performance enanching drugs like HGH but shouldn't be given crap for recrational drug use is in fact, not hypocritical. Oh, and tennis is boring.