Sunday, November 15, 2009

Insurance Denied my Claim for Reimbursement of my Crushed Dreams

...said it was a "pre-existing condition." Well I never wanted to be an Astronaut anyways!

The dream and delusion is back on mf-ers. On Monday (a week from tomorrow) I will hit the sometimes great American highway known as I-95 and travel south to Florida (with my Mom). Hooray! She's really just bumming the ride and we'll all have Thanksgiving down there.

From there - I head West across the South! Then it's up the California coast to the Redlands! Then it's, how the hell do I get home?! (via ft. collins? and maybe chicago?)

So pep-up because hopefully soon your workday will suck 3ish minutes less than it normally does. Pending a computer overhaul and fix, I'll have an unreliable computer at best, that I can upload the video podcasts to. One week...

And for the last time - do you know anyone in San Diego?

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Paul Mazzuca said...

Via con dios, amigo! Follow your dreams and try to be nice to Mom. And though I was born in SD, don't know anyone there.
But send your filthy Fancy roasts!