Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When Is It Okay?

One of my new most favorite blogs belongs to my friend Laura. It's called District Ramblings. She actually writes about interesting things worth reading most of the time in comparison to me, who never writes anything worth reading.

Long story short, she elicits some very strong reactions from her readers (friends) and usually can provide me with a day full of entertainment and arguing with strangers (not MY friends).

Today the topic was essentially, would you give up meat to be with Natalie Portman? The answer: In a heartbeat. But someone who was responding and didn't actually answer the question used the term "manjuice" [sic]. That alone made my day.

When is it okay to use the phrase "man juice?" Just amongst close personal friends? In an open forum where you can hide your identity? In Presidential speeches? Israli Bond pitches? Golf courses? Or just general every day conversation?

Do you have any other favorite phrases that are commonly overlooked in society?


Stream of Consciousness said...

well, considering "the c word" (I'll sensor myself now and only now) as a part of my regular lexicon, I'd say it's appropriate at any time.

I think this is my favorite urban dictionary definition:
She's a man juice dumpster!

Laura said...

Thank you Graber! I appreciate your endorsement.
My favorite underrated phrase is "bearded-axe wound," commonly used to describe lady-parts.

For Alej said...

hold the phone. YOU would give up meat (this includes hot dogs, you do realize?) to be with natalie portman?
that's even worse than giving up meat for a "real" reason (like being a stinking hippie).
i don't think i'd even give up meat to be able to fly. and i don't mean in an airplane.

Ross said...

YES man juice definitely something for everyday conversation as long as its relevant.