Friday, October 16, 2009

Test Run


Paul Mazzuca said...

Via con Dios!
There is great beauty in simplicity. Many of the Nobel prize winning research papers have been short and sweet. Or as my octogenarian biophysics mentor Dr. Harold Morowitz said yesterday talking about his latest AHA! matching the orbital states of transition metals to his favorite molecules, glutamic acid and citric acid, (hmm, tmi!) "Genius takes ten years and 15 minutes."

May you see new things, walk in others' shoes, be safe yet be open, blog often and tell us what you see, hear, small and taste.

"Nothing is more dangerous to prejudice than Travel."

bcallow said...

Have fun Brother!

For Alej said...

i can't watch videos at work because i don't have any sound.

i suggest you start including subtitles?