Monday, October 19, 2009


Real quick, I just want to say that on a freezing cold night one spring I was sharing a tent on the campus of Rutgers with my buddy Andy. We were cold and had some warm pbr's and tried to watch the Incredibles. On that night we coined the acronym FML. This was before some douche allowed thousands of people to post fake accounts of their supposedly crappy adventures. F that guy. We demand our royalty checks.

In real FML news (for those who don't know):

Yeah, that just happened Saturday night. I was supposed to leave this coming Friday for a trip across the country in this car. I'm not sure whats going to happen yet. I really needed this trip in a big way so I'm going to do what I can.

The lesson to be learned here is: If you feel bad and are wearing sweatpants under no circumstances should you put real pants on to go socialize...