Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall 2009 U.S. Tour

The Chinese believe that 2009 is the year of the Ox. Well I'm here to tell you that 2009 is the year of Brian Graber.

I'm taking the good vibes out on the road to see these United States!

The plan as it stands (and I'm really just starting to plan) is to leave October 23rd. I have tickets to see The Gaslight Anthem and the Loved Ones on the 22nd and I'm not missing it. I'm taking my '93 Civic and I'm going to drive all over. (see diagram below for crappy rendition of where I want to go)

Please note I am starting from DC and heading North(West) first. The only date I have in mind is Thanksgiving and I'm hoping to be in Boca Raton, Florida at my Mom's house.

A Comprehensive List of Places I Refuse To Go:
  • Detroit
So what am I looking for from you? Places to stay, suggestions about what to see, where to see it and so on and so forth. I believe I am getting a pass for National Parks and plan on camping a bunch!

So basically, this is going to be awesome!


Anonymous said...

#1- Please tell me you can make that sound byte into a ring tone for me. I will pay you in dollar bills.

#2- Come to Philly! (or St Louis!) I can't offer you housing anywhere else....

Stream of Consciousness said...

i really hope you're going to make a podcast of this epic journey

Anonymous said...

yes, make a podcast!

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain sez "nothing is more dangerous to prejudice than travel", thus I would go to Detroit. It has been fun pedicabbing with you!