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Virgin Mobile FreeFest - Meriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD - 8/30/09

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This year because of the economy "The Virgin Mobile Festival" transformed itself into the "Virgin Mobile FreeFest" and yes, it was free for those who could snag tickets before the event "freed out." Two days became one day and the venue was moved from the previous two years at the Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore to the Meriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. (Not too far away).

The lineup was rather eclectic from the headliners Weezer and Blink-182 to Public Enemy and Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk). In between everyone from Taking Back Sunday, The Bravery, The Hold Steady, F*cked Up, Jet, Franz Ferdinand and even Mates of State.

The Hold Steady's set seemed to last an eternity on the West Stage (not the main stage in the acutal pavilion) and of course, no one complained. I don't think many people could ever get tired of Craigg Finn on stage. When I see the Hold Steady play, and I think, and there are many others with me on this one, I feel like I just want to get hammered with the guy...

Public Enemy was amazing too. I don't believe that when P.E. was in there glory days in the mid 1980's they ever dreamed they be playing for so many white people in one place. (It's true, whitey was out in force.) Nevertheless, unlike my favorite Flavor Flav quote of the day, " a fucking ninja!" they weren't stealthy or quiet - everyone knew what was going on and most people were entertained as shit. They also did a sort of this weird roll call of famous dead black musicians. A history lesson if nothing else...

While waiting on the grass for Weezer to play on the actual pavilion stage, out of nowhere we saw the Blink-182 guys and crew with Sir Richard Branson walking ontop of the pavilion roof. Then, as a helicopter circled high above, all of the massive video screens picked up the video feed from the helicopter and two people jumped out of said helicopter and landed ontop of the pavilion. Sir Richard Branson greeted them, walked to the edge of the roof, opened a bottle of champagne and sprayed the crowd with it. He picked up the mic and said, "thanks for coming." It may have been a few more words than that, but if so, not much more, that was the whole gist.

While this has no bearing on the music or the event itself, I'd just like everyone to know that I caught a t-shirt fired from the t-shirt cannon from the roof of the pavilion. My life rules, you suck.

Weezer opened their set with Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," played an amazing set that seemed way too short with all the key Weezer tracks and closed with The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go." They went.

Blink-182 closed the night and my friends and I all felt weird about it. A major block of their set was comprised of tunes off their self-titled album which almost everyone doesn't like. (Fact) In addition Blink only played 3 songs that outdated "Enema Of The State," those being, "Carousel," "Dammit," and "Josie." Tom Delonge is by far the weak link of the trio. Not only did he sound horrible when he sang the proper words, but he forgot some and decided to yell at certain people in the crowd during his parts. I don't give that criticism because of the hatred I feel towards him, but because he literally ruined certain parts of the show for the band. Mark and Travis, please remember that he is replaceable.

But here's the major takeaway of the day: Both Flavor Flav and Tom Delonge suffer from some form of Tourette's Syndrome. Well that and serving beer out of mini-pitchers is a great idea!

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