Friday, August 21, 2009

Pedicab Confessionals 1.0

Today I offer up a tale from the Pedicab: an awful, drunk and true story from the pedicab. (I apologize in advance to the several adults who read this.)

Last night on the way back to the shop from the Nationals Ballpark, a fellow pedicabber and I are riding past the Verizon Center. Apparently there had been a Keith Urban/Sugarland concert. Whoopty-Doo! Anyway, I get flagged down and this woman wants to go to 12th and K. I say, ok because it's sort of on the way and I'm not in a huge hurry to get back to the shop.

This woman was clearly drunk. She's telling me how happy she and her friends were that pedicabs are in town now and all that stuff. We're talking about riding up hills and she says she ran the Marine Corps Marathon and Capitol Hill is no joke. I say, yeah, I'm strong as hell but Constitution and Independece Avenues (the streets that run alongside the Capitol) are the only hills in the city I basically refuse to go up.

Her immediate response to that was, "do you also have a big dick." I said, "excuse me?" and she says, "I said, do you have a big dick?" I responded, "I do ok for myself."

At this point I focus back on the ATM she is looking for so she can give me some money. Here comes the best part...

At the corner of 12th and K there is a Wachovia bank. I pull over in a little driveway and as I turn around to look at this woman and maybe to even help her of the cab, she comes flying past me and eats it hard off the cab. Oh dear sweet baby jesus. I get off the bike and help her up, and thankfully she aint hurt. She then proceeds to spend an remarkable amount of time at the ATM. My bet is she had to try several cards before she got her bank card... She gives me 20 bucks and I am on my way far away from that place.