Monday, August 31, 2009

Virgin Mobile FreeFest - Meriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD - 8/30/09

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This year because of the economy "The Virgin Mobile Festival" transformed itself into the "Virgin Mobile FreeFest" and yes, it was free for those who could snag tickets before the event "freed out." Two days became one day and the venue was moved from the previous two years at the Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore to the Meriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. (Not too far away).

The lineup was rather eclectic from the headliners Weezer and Blink-182 to Public Enemy and Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk). In between everyone from Taking Back Sunday, The Bravery, The Hold Steady, F*cked Up, Jet, Franz Ferdinand and even Mates of State.

The Hold Steady's set seemed to last an eternity on the West Stage (not the main stage in the acutal pavilion) and of course, no one complained. I don't think many people could ever get tired of Craigg Finn on stage. When I see the Hold Steady play, and I think, and there are many others with me on this one, I feel like I just want to get hammered with the guy...

Public Enemy was amazing too. I don't believe that when P.E. was in there glory days in the mid 1980's they ever dreamed they be playing for so many white people in one place. (It's true, whitey was out in force.) Nevertheless, unlike my favorite Flavor Flav quote of the day, " a fucking ninja!" they weren't stealthy or quiet - everyone knew what was going on and most people were entertained as shit. They also did a sort of this weird roll call of famous dead black musicians. A history lesson if nothing else...

While waiting on the grass for Weezer to play on the actual pavilion stage, out of nowhere we saw the Blink-182 guys and crew with Sir Richard Branson walking ontop of the pavilion roof. Then, as a helicopter circled high above, all of the massive video screens picked up the video feed from the helicopter and two people jumped out of said helicopter and landed ontop of the pavilion. Sir Richard Branson greeted them, walked to the edge of the roof, opened a bottle of champagne and sprayed the crowd with it. He picked up the mic and said, "thanks for coming." It may have been a few more words than that, but if so, not much more, that was the whole gist.

While this has no bearing on the music or the event itself, I'd just like everyone to know that I caught a t-shirt fired from the t-shirt cannon from the roof of the pavilion. My life rules, you suck.

Weezer opened their set with Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," played an amazing set that seemed way too short with all the key Weezer tracks and closed with The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go." They went.

Blink-182 closed the night and my friends and I all felt weird about it. A major block of their set was comprised of tunes off their self-titled album which almost everyone doesn't like. (Fact) In addition Blink only played 3 songs that outdated "Enema Of The State," those being, "Carousel," "Dammit," and "Josie." Tom Delonge is by far the weak link of the trio. Not only did he sound horrible when he sang the proper words, but he forgot some and decided to yell at certain people in the crowd during his parts. I don't give that criticism because of the hatred I feel towards him, but because he literally ruined certain parts of the show for the band. Mark and Travis, please remember that he is replaceable.

But here's the major takeaway of the day: Both Flavor Flav and Tom Delonge suffer from some form of Tourette's Syndrome. Well that and serving beer out of mini-pitchers is a great idea!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pedicab Confessionals 1.0

Today I offer up a tale from the Pedicab: an awful, drunk and true story from the pedicab. (I apologize in advance to the several adults who read this.)

Last night on the way back to the shop from the Nationals Ballpark, a fellow pedicabber and I are riding past the Verizon Center. Apparently there had been a Keith Urban/Sugarland concert. Whoopty-Doo! Anyway, I get flagged down and this woman wants to go to 12th and K. I say, ok because it's sort of on the way and I'm not in a huge hurry to get back to the shop.

This woman was clearly drunk. She's telling me how happy she and her friends were that pedicabs are in town now and all that stuff. We're talking about riding up hills and she says she ran the Marine Corps Marathon and Capitol Hill is no joke. I say, yeah, I'm strong as hell but Constitution and Independece Avenues (the streets that run alongside the Capitol) are the only hills in the city I basically refuse to go up.

Her immediate response to that was, "do you also have a big dick." I said, "excuse me?" and she says, "I said, do you have a big dick?" I responded, "I do ok for myself."

At this point I focus back on the ATM she is looking for so she can give me some money. Here comes the best part...

At the corner of 12th and K there is a Wachovia bank. I pull over in a little driveway and as I turn around to look at this woman and maybe to even help her of the cab, she comes flying past me and eats it hard off the cab. Oh dear sweet baby jesus. I get off the bike and help her up, and thankfully she aint hurt. She then proceeds to spend an remarkable amount of time at the ATM. My bet is she had to try several cards before she got her bank card... She gives me 20 bucks and I am on my way far away from that place.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Selling Out?

My friend Nick who went to go work Fox News Radio and is not a liberal, once said when explaining his decision, "I'm not selling out, I'm buying in." I don't even know if this is related, but I somehow added a google adsense thingymajig on the right hand side of the blog here.

Feel free to click on it every now and then and make me a rich bastard.
(Please note: I will not share said riches.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

iPhone App...

If someone knows someone who knows how to make applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch, please tell them to contact me.

You know those awesome apps that they show in the commercials for the iPhone??? Well you never really know what they're called. We need an app, to tell us what those apps are!

It's genius. Stop shaking your head. You're just jealous you didn't think of it. No stealing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shark Week (local) Fail

We are currently in the middle of the summer holiday known as "Shark Week." You know, the one where you sit in front of the TV and watch sharks tear it up while you think about Tracy Jordan...

Anywho, you may not know that Discovery, the home to Shark Week, is based here in Silver Spring, Maryland. In years past it was not uncommon to see a massive shark hanging off the building. It's kind of like those nativity scenes that people put in their yards during the xmas season but approximately 3,000 more times epic.

Tonight I passed the building and shark. (insert unhappy face here - I don't use emoticons...)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paul McCartney - FedEx Field - 8/1/09

I never thought I'd see Paul McCartney in concert or anywhere for that matter. But when tickets magically appeared in my hands at the low low price of free, I was on my way! He puts on one hell of a show for someone who is 67-years-old. He was all fired up from start to finish and I was yawning by the end. Go figure. During the show he worked in some stories about the Beatles which everyone ate up.

Clearly the music was great with his amazing backing band featuring a large Samoan gentlemen on the drums. He was also the only non-white dude in the place who wasn't working. That's a weird feeling for me: to see so many white people in one place makes me uncomfortable... it's kind of like the University of Delaware.

I'm real happy I went and not just because I like the Beatles but because of the shear amount of music history that rests on his shoulders. An icon, legend and international superstar are just 3 of the many ways to describe him. Good times were had by all!

Set list stolen from the Baltimore Sun:

1. Drive My Car
2. Jet
3. Only Mama Knows
4. Flaming Pie
5. Got to Get You Into My Life
6. Let Me Roll It
7. Foxy Lady (instrumental jam)
8. Highway
9. The Long and Winding Road
10. My Love
11. Blackbird
12. Here Today
13. Dance Tonight
14. Calico Skies
15. Michelle
16. Mrs. Vandebilt
17. Eleanor Rigby
18. Sing the Changes
19. Band On the Run
20. Back in the U.S.S.R.
21. I'm Down
22. Something
23. I've Got a Feeling
24. Paperback Writer
25. A Day in the Life
26. Let It Be
27. Live And Let Die
28. Hey Jude


Day Tripper
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There
Helter Skelter
Get Back
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
The End