Sunday, July 12, 2009

Transformers 2, Bruno, Year One (In That Order)

I've seen a few movies in the past couple weeks. I will now tell you what I thought in order of awesome movie to not awesome movie.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
My first instinct is to compare this to the National Treasure series. It is weird, I know. I say that because I personally liked those movies, but the second was pretty much a replica of the first but was still good. So with the Transformers series, bump it up from good to awesome.

We got to the theater late and had to sit front row, but it wasn't so bad actually and I HATE sitting in the front row. I walked out of the theater sweating - Fact. I doubt that it had to with the movie, but it still feels like a fairly strong endorsement.

I laughed, I felt like crying, I vomited in my mouth. What can I say? Bruno was not as good as Borat in my opinion for several reasons. The storyline in Borat, a supposed "documentary," was much more cohesive and thought out. In Bruno, it seemed like just a collection of scenes in which Sascha Baron Cohen tried to be as ridiculous as possible. Cringe-worthy in some instances is an acceptable description. I wouldn't watch it again with the same interest level as I can watch Borat 100 times and it's hysterical. Good effort, definitley worth seeing.

Year One
Holy crap I was disappointed! It just wasn't funny. The end.

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jessicaerinperry said...

borat was probably better too since we saw it together...can you tell i'm catching up on your blog tonight?