Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Lives Again

Even though I'm about to say what I thought of the new HP movie "The Half-Blood Prince" I just want to say that allowing Harry Potter to survive not only makes J.K. Rowling look weak, it just plain sucks.

I'm already talking about Harry Potter so it can't get much nerdier than that, but then it does...
I went last night at midnight to see the new flick. One of the previews was for the new Twilight movie and people applauded, screamed, cried, whatever. I'd like to make a motion to declare Twilight "way worse" than HP.

Finally, the movie - Clearly the biggest challenge to writing the script for these movies is to condense the book into several hours. "The Half-Blood Prince" clocks in at 2hours 33minutes, which is considered a kick-ass time for a marathon. So while some people are out there taking on life, just know you'll have accomplished nothing during the viewing of this movie. Back to the point being, I think they've been doing a solid job at packing in the story line into each movie. Obviously some things need to omitted and the dialogue has to be changed just make some things more clear and movie the plot. The last book is going to be split into 2 movies which i expect to be approximately 5 hours each...

Alan Rickman continues to impress me in his role as Professor Snape. He's a fairly unlikable dude in most other movies, which is maybe why this plays so great for him.

Even though I was tired I enjoyed the movie but towards the end I was ready to go. If I had seen it mid-day, it might have been easier to watch. I'm told that during a midnight screening of the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie I fell asleep. If that's any sort of barometer, this movie is solid.

Lots of hooking up or "snogging" in this movie too! Daniel Radcliffe has already done some frontal nudity on stage in England, so maybe the next 2 could pick up an R or NC-17 rating?!

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