Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Day - Verizon Center - 7/29/09

As seen on Deaf Left

Green Day rolled their traveling pyro-infused tour through Washington D.C. last night and shook the Verizon Center. From reports on previous shows on this tour, one might say the set-list last night was rather "vanilla." However, longtime fans can still appreciate such gems as "2000 Light Years Away," and solo, acoustic versions of "Macy's Day Parade," and "Christie Road" from front man Billie Joe Armstrong.

In the title track of the album Green Day is pimping, "21st Century Breakdown," Armstrong chants, "We are the class of, the class of 13," a sentiment visited last in the American Eulogy suite. What does it mean? Maybe it summoned literal 13-year-olds. With a quick glance at the crowd you could clearly see the multi-generaltional split. 13-year-olds and people walking around with that peppered hair thing (their parents). But was is kid bringing parent or parent bringing kid?

HOWEVER, if I had to use one adjetive to describe the crowd it would most definitley have to be "weak-sauce." Surprised, upset and semi-ashamed was how I felt. I mean, I don't enjoy the company of other people's elbows in and around my ribs but c'mon! Maybe D.C. was punished with the set-list for the lack energy. It definitley wasn't the band not leading the charge. At the high points of the fury, Bille Joe and co. could have led everyone into the streets and started a riot. (Maybe not though, with the all the kids who don't want to jump up and down... You know I'm always down for lighting some shit on fire!)

One thing that never gets old with a Green Day concert is when Billie Joe pulls people up to sing and play instruments during different songs. It's especially awesome when they nail it too. I was excited for that hot mess who played guitar for almost all of "Jesus of Suburbia." And Billie Joe is clearly a showman but he wants these kids to stand out on the catwalk and have their rockstar moment.

Always a solid performance from Green Day and their traveling posse, I wish I could say the same for the crowd.

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