Friday, July 17, 2009

Freaks & Geeks

So I may be 9 or 10 years behind on this one, but there are kids out there every day who are just hearing "The Colour and the Shape" for the first time, so I don't feel bad. Also, this show was really good!

I'm not upset it was canceled mainly because I wasn't watching it when it was on, so I wasn't emotionally invested. Also, I was still in high school and I think I can appreciate much more of it now compared to back then.

Let's talk future super-stars. James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini (ER), Martin Star (Party Down, Walk Hard, Adventureland, Knocked Up) and of course this show was created in part by Judd Apatow. If this series hadn't been cancelled, who knows what we could have missed out on?

I'm so pumped for Funny People.

So it's set in suburban Detorit and its literally about 2 groups of kids who are freaks or burnouts and geeks. I don't think that my high school experience was similar to anyone in the show. My lows weren't that low and my highs weren't that high. I'm ok with it.

Maybe it's just me, but when you do a show about high school or youth in general, there is only so many issues and topics one can write about. On multiple occasions I'd be watching an episode and think, hey i've seen this before somewhere else. Who did it first, I don't know, but I'll never write about generic high school experiences ever.
  • There's an episode where Bill (geek) is horrified that his mom is dating his gym teacher - see the movie Mr. Woodcock
  • There's an episode about a makeout party - see any tv show ever, but Boy Meets World comes to mind
  • There's an episode about Lindsay (freak) taking her parents car without permission with her friends and crasshing it - see Saved By The Bell
The list could go on, but you know...

One last thing. Freaks & Geeks won an Emmy for Outstanding Casting. I couldn't agree more! I think the best casting job they did was Martin Starr to play the geek Bill Haverchuck. Now maybe that's because I liked him the best or because it's true. The one thing I didn't totally love was Seth Rogan. Weird, right? They made his character very unlikable, especially at the beginning, but even in the last few episodes I began to like him more.

I guess it doesn't really matter because they're all famous and shit and making out with Sean Penn.

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Emma said...

Dude, I agree! Adam and I watched this show last summer/fall and it was great!

I can't wait for your review of Funny People.