Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 100 - The State of Brian Graber

The State of the Union Brian Graber
PART 1: Press Play or Download Here - (6:22)

PART 2: Press Play or Download Here - (5:30)


Andy said...

I'm really sad to see this end. Almost every single one was a super awesome listen. I'll have to think about my favorite one, you had a lot of gems.

Congrats on losing 15lbs though. That's pretty solid, man.

Ben said...

Awesome casts brosef! Thoroughly enjoyable and splendiferious.

I think my favorite has to be this one, a genuine recap and presentation of personality.


mamadenise1012 said...

my favorite was the one with the old man in the exercise room in florida

Ross said...

My favorites definitely had to be; stuff i hate, people i want to punch in the face, and i heart crazy people... i am genuinely amazed you made it through.

Evan said...

Diego Luna.


Brian said...

I'd have to say this last one was the best overall, but hot damn I'm just proud you made it to this moment.

Congrats holmes and I'm looking forward to the pedicab confessions!

ירדן/Jordan said...

You are too funny.