Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Are LAME and no one really tries after mid-February.
So that's why I've crafted 10 potentially feasible resolutions which I will ultimately forget about come mid-February.
  1. Listen to more Sly and the Family Stone
  2. Bone up on Steve Buscemi trivia
  3. Read less dark/depressing books (just read Survivor and Snuff by Chuck P.)
  4. Attempt to identify who the proverbial "they" are
  5. Strengthen my loaded questions skills
  6. Harmonica?
  7. Try to not spaz over Green Day's New Album (this spring!)
  8. Figure out what comes next
  9. Escape.
  10. Never do resolutions again...

1 comment:

Andy said...

I agree that New Years resolutions are dumb. I kind of hate the idea of just talking about doing stuff and then never actually doing it. People need to stop talking and just do the things they want to do.

Also, a resolution isn't a solution. There's a difference.