Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blink 182 Will Not Reunite

I have a computer and internet connection which allows me to voice my opinion. Because certain people have chosen to be optimistic rather than realistic I feel it is my duty to write this.

Blink 182 will not reunite. (They will never record a new studio album together.)

Tom DeLonge is the reason they broke up to begin with. If you think otherwise, you're only fooling yourself. Was it bound to happen if Tom didn't seperate himself from Mark and Travis in February of 2005.

Blink was notorious for their hectic touring schedule and Tom wanted to spend more time with his family. Was Mark upset about Boxcar Racer being formed without him? Probably, but notice how those feelings of resentment were only directed towards Tom.

So Blink 182 breaks up after canceling a benefit show for the Indian Ocean earthquake disaster. Mark and Travis go on to form +44 and Tom goes on to create Angels & Airwaves and his ever expanding ego . . . expands. When you talk about how you sit in the dark and listen to your own music and just think about how awesome it is... and tell everyone you did it, you're a dick.

Mark and Travis didn't speak with Tom for several years. Travis has a plane accident recently which we all now know about. The three of them start speaking again and it feels like everyone freaks out but me. That's what tragedy does people. As someone who's recently been through life changing tragedy, that's what happens. You realize what's important in life and I'm sure Tom would have felt like crap if Travis had died.

So now people want a reunion because they are on speaking terms. No. No shot. When I think Blink 182 I think "dick and fart jokes." That's what it was. They've grown up. We all saw what happened when they "matured" and released the self-title. You knew it was over then.

Travis is tied up with his remixes and playing with DJ AM and Mark is producing now. Tom is probably off doing something that's not worth knowing about.

Could they do a reunion show somewhere down the line? Sure. I think it would be awesome, I'd even go if the price was right, but DO NOT expect a reunion., for your sanity. My sanity (regarding this issue) is in tact.

I hope that clears up one or two things for you.

P.S. Travis is the only talented musician of the 3. I think they all knew that. He brought the level of the music up to an acceptable level which launched them into national fame. Enjoy one of my favorite videos below.


Maggie said...

Mark has admitted many times that he's not a great bassist but his songwriting makes up for it. I'm sorry for your tragedy (whatever it was) but Tom has more of a conscience than to start talking to them just because of Travis' accident. The possibility of a reunion or a tour in the future has a lot of die-hard Blink fans excited about something that's brought them down for a long time. And that's not a bad thing.

Graber said...

ok maggie... if that's even your real name. i AM the definition of a die-hard Blink fan.

do you think it's some miracle that blink didn't talk for YEARS and within weeks of Travis' plane crash they're talking again??? must be a coincidence. Tom doesn't have a conscience.

Would I like to see them maybe play some shows together? Yes, but do I understand that if they recorded again, it wouldn't come close to what they had done before. They're older, they're different and the music would be completely different from what defines Blink 182.

Maggie said...

My name is Maggie. I, too, am a die-hard Blink fan.

Travis' accident probably had everything to do with them talking again. But a part of me still has faith in Tom actually being human and I think they would've started talking again sooner or later.

Yeah, they're never going to sound like they did when Enema of the State or Dude Ranch came out but that's the case with a lot of bands. To me it's all about seeing the three people I admire most together again and getting along.

jess perry misses you too much. said...

"As someone who's recently been through life changing tragedy, that's what happens."


Adam said...

Alright first off there was nothing wrong with their last albuhm. Sure they are jsut starting to talk again but they were amazing friends. Tom relized how amazing the three worked together and it was mark and travis that were having a problem with tom. the group actually talking is a major step from hating eachother. seriously they will play a reunion tour, it may not be this year but in the next few years, it will