Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Music In Review

I thought I wasn't going to do this for 2008, not such a strong year... HOWEVER... I will continue to use the format created for 2007.

Best Album Of The Year
The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound

3 Fantastic Albums
The Loved Ones - Build & Burn

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Murder By Death - Red of Tooth and Claw

Best Song
The Loved Ones - Louisiana - Build & Burn

Biggest Disappointment
Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

Most Intriguing
The Nightwatchman/Tom Morello - The Fabled City

Best Soundtrack
The Pineapple Express

Album I Wish I Could Have Loved
Weezer - Weezer (The Red Album)

Album I Don't Own But Want
The Hold Steady - Stay Positive (I will remedy this today)

Best Show
The Gaslight Anthem/Let Me Run/(Some Dudes) - Rutgers University - ##/##/##???

Happy New Year everyone and fuck the Grammys!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MC Lars - Green Christmas

Something about MC Lars just does it for me. Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup too. They hooked up for "Download This Song" which was catchy as hell. I'm not a fan of the Christmas music but I think these videos are funny.

--50th post!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Viral Videos of 2008

Videogum has put together a video of the best Viral Videos of 2008. There are many that they left out but you can't blame them because about 15 new ones pop up each day.

Some of my favorites from the year that didn't the cut above:

Election Oriented - beacuse that's all that happened this year anyways:
Annoying Category:
Old Video Just Recently Surfacing On The Web:
Best 1-2 Punch:
Injured Child:
(let me know if I've overlooked any good ones...)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yule Logs. Seriously, What The Hell?

I don't understand a lot about the Christmas season. Most of it doesn't bother me either. It's not my holiday and I don't really care why people chop down trees and drag them into their homes, or obsess over a fat man in a red suit with a way cooler beard than mine, all to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

But what the hell is the deal with the fake Yule Log/virtual fireplace thing?

It's a fake fire I get that. But why bother? Clearly you don't have a fireplace if you're using that, but maybe you should just deal. Is a fireplace really what defines Xmas? Unfortunately, some kids don't get toys but they deal. You go out and buy a $10 DVD to simulate a fire?

I don't own a Corvette, but I also don't go out an buy a fake one to simulate the feeling that I do.

(If you'd like to get a "Down with the fake Yule Log" movement going, holler at me.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rise Against / Nightwatchman / Bouncing Souls

I bought 3 CD's (recently).

Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

I love R.A. so I was excited for the album. It definitely has a bigger pop feel than there previous two albums(Siren Song of the Counter Culture and The Sufferer & The Witness), of which I consider some of my favorites. For some reason, nothing is sticking to me with this one.

I like "The Dirt Whispered" the most after having it in my car for several weeks. The opening track, "Collapse (Post-Amerika)" is alright and I believe it ends Rise Against's streak of great opening tracks - (see "Black Masks & Gasoline," "State of the Union" and "Chamber the Cartridge"). The second single "Re-Education (Through Labor)" is slightly catchy.

Chris Chasse is no longer with the band - he played guitar and some dude named Zach Blair is in. This is clearly not the reason the album falls short but is of note. This band has always been and will always be Tim McIlrath's band.

The Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record

I understand that this album came out in 2006. I'm way late on the intake with this one, but better late than never. This album rules. I heard people say it for a long time, but after Pandora continually suggested "Sounds of the City" and I continually liked it, I knew I'd be buying the album.

"The Gold Song," "Sarah Saturday," "Lean on Sheena" and The Kinks cover "Better Things" all rule. And this is only after less than 24 hours of rotation in the Civic. I think there's something to be said for mostly carefree, toe-tapping, fun-themed, sing-a-long friendly, makes you wanna throw your hands up and scream rock & roll.

I don't do ratings but if I did this would get an A+.

Tom Morello / The Nightwatchman - Fabled City

I didn't make an effort to listen to Zach de la Rocha's solo project. I didn't think it would be any good and from what I've heard other people say, I made a good call. Tom Morello is just a cool dude, and after hearing a few tracks during a radio interview some of it sounded good. Some of it sounded like he drew a fair amount from Bob Dylan. I'm such a sucker for harmonica, it's not even fair.

I need to give it a couple more listens, but after one or two listens, it has plenty of potential. "Whatever It Takes" is a quick favorite and we'll see where it ends up in my heart.

ok. don't buy music from iTunes, buy CDs. That is all.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blink 182 Will Not Reunite

I have a computer and internet connection which allows me to voice my opinion. Because certain people have chosen to be optimistic rather than realistic I feel it is my duty to write this.

Blink 182 will not reunite. (They will never record a new studio album together.)

Tom DeLonge is the reason they broke up to begin with. If you think otherwise, you're only fooling yourself. Was it bound to happen if Tom didn't seperate himself from Mark and Travis in February of 2005.

Blink was notorious for their hectic touring schedule and Tom wanted to spend more time with his family. Was Mark upset about Boxcar Racer being formed without him? Probably, but notice how those feelings of resentment were only directed towards Tom.

So Blink 182 breaks up after canceling a benefit show for the Indian Ocean earthquake disaster. Mark and Travis go on to form +44 and Tom goes on to create Angels & Airwaves and his ever expanding ego . . . expands. When you talk about how you sit in the dark and listen to your own music and just think about how awesome it is... and tell everyone you did it, you're a dick.

Mark and Travis didn't speak with Tom for several years. Travis has a plane accident recently which we all now know about. The three of them start speaking again and it feels like everyone freaks out but me. That's what tragedy does people. As someone who's recently been through life changing tragedy, that's what happens. You realize what's important in life and I'm sure Tom would have felt like crap if Travis had died.

So now people want a reunion because they are on speaking terms. No. No shot. When I think Blink 182 I think "dick and fart jokes." That's what it was. They've grown up. We all saw what happened when they "matured" and released the self-title. You knew it was over then.

Travis is tied up with his remixes and playing with DJ AM and Mark is producing now. Tom is probably off doing something that's not worth knowing about.

Could they do a reunion show somewhere down the line? Sure. I think it would be awesome, I'd even go if the price was right, but DO NOT expect a reunion., for your sanity. My sanity (regarding this issue) is in tact.

I hope that clears up one or two things for you.

P.S. Travis is the only talented musician of the 3. I think they all knew that. He brought the level of the music up to an acceptable level which launched them into national fame. Enjoy one of my favorite videos below.