Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Product Placement: MusicSkins

I was asked to do a little product testing. Unfortunately, it wasn't a new shampoo or a new line of yo-yos, but MusicSkins.

This site offers skins for almost all iPods, Zunes, Scandisks, the ever popular iPhones, select Blackberrys, Sidekicks, that RAZR thing, some variety of MacBooks, PSPs, Rock Band and Guitar Hero Guitars. No doubt, if you got something electronic, they got a skins for it.

Of all that crap I just listed, I only got me an iPod so I got 2 skins for it. An Alkaline Trio skin and the EXPLODING DOG Red Robot one.

I think you'll know which one is which.

They've got new ones since I picked originally, but it appears to be a wide selection.

So what do I think of the skins? Personally, I've never really been into the whole skins thing. I completley understand the allure of it, but just never felt it was for me.

I use my iPod in 2 fashions: Mainly it stays in the glovebox of my car because thats' where it connects to my car stereo. The other is travel and mainly stays in my bag. Both placed have caused my iPod to shift around and scratch over the years and this definitley helps with that.

I think the biggest concern any "skin" fan would have would be, "does the skin come off easily without leaving a mark or residue or any other crap." I can say that these come off easily and DO NOT leave anything behind to indicate that they once lived on my iPod.

So what does it boil down to? If you like skins, these are for you. If not, maybe porn is your thing. These things are going for $15 and in some cases like the Nintendo DS, $20. Since I'm not in the skins game, I wouldn't know if that is competetive or expensive, but on a tight budget, you're going to have to love the skin to shell out that kind of coin.

At least take a look: www.music-skins.com

And while we're on the topic of product placement...

and... peanut butter jelly time... BLAH! Peace.