Tuesday, August 5, 2008

National Mustard Day

Hooray! Today is National Mustard Day (according to my Simpsons wall calender)! As a mustard enthusiast, this is clearly the most exciting day of the year to honor the third most common condiment in America. Can you believe that salsa is more popular??? That's upsettingly delicious....

I love mustard so much, that I didn't eat at Wendy's for months and months. That can be seen here and here.

I love all kinds of mustard: yellow, dijon, honey mustard, home made, Chinese mustard and even some horrible knock-off kosher for Passover non-mustard I was forced to eat once.

My most guilty pleasure in the world of mustard is McDonald's spicy mustard. That stuff is seriously good, as in if they bottled it, I'd buy it... but for now I'm more of a French's guy.

Mustard is so great, ska bands pay tribute to it:

And we shall never forget perhaps mustard's greatest shining moment in popular culture:

Everyone have a happy National Mustard Day by not doing anything differently than you normally would because you don't want anyone to think you are absolutely bonkers.

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