Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Outta Here

It August already?!?!
It's been a year since I moved home, either today or tomorrow. I've been in my job 6 months now, waking up everyday at 3AM, and now I qualify for vacation... look our 3rd week of August, I'm coming for you.


In 13 days, I will be moving out of my parents house to begin what people are telling me is called "real life." (It's also my 1st day of vacation.) I'm pumped. I'll finally have that feeling deep within my gut every day when I wake which I'm told is called "bankruptcy." But I'm still pumped.

I'll be living walking distance to work which has its advantages and disadvantages, but I'm hoping the only real driving I'll be doing is to go home and steal food.

Is this where I thought I'd be 15 months from graduation? I have no damn clue. Who knows? People who are in college and say, when I graduate I'm doing this, this and this suck. Could the past year have been more exciting? yes. Was a good year of being 22 wasted on me? probably. BUT, now that I'm tied to the DC area for another 12 months, I'm hoping to do more fun things, and find a way to prevent having to get a 2nd job so I can afford to eat.

Anyways, maybe I'll see some of you people when I'm on vacation because clearly I can't afford to do anything extravagant.

Please enjoy this video. The best videos are where little children get hurt! Maybe it's because I was always hurting myself as a kid, or maybe it's because I like knowing that their parents are going to have to deal with their bitching for next 45 minutes. I am only able to watch this video no less than 5 times in a sitting. It's great. Peace.

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Emma said...

"I'm hoping the only real driving I'll be doing is to go home and steal food." That's my boy. Evan and I were betting that that's where you would be grocery shopping.

You get used to that bankruptcy feeling. Adam made me a spreadsheet, which helps with mine. I recommend it for dealing with the "real world."