Thursday, May 1, 2008

"New" CDs

So I bought some CDs today. Why? Because I didn't actually have them, yet they were not even close to being new.

When author Chuck Klosterman spoke at Rutgers, he said something that made me think, "Wow, what a douche bag," even though I really like his books. He said something to the extent of, "I shouldn't listen to music until it's been out for 2 years and has stood the test of time," or some stupid, cocky, bullshit version of that. He's too good to listen to new music on the off chance that it will suck like his god-complex. He thinks he's all cool because he's from Minnesota and wrote for Spin...

Anyways, Klosterman can suck on it, because I just bought an album that's been out for 14 years!

It's Weezer's s/t "Blue Album." It's awesome. I didn't have it. Wanted it for the collection and for the few tracks I don't actually have. A friend of mine bought it on vinyl a few weeks ago and it sparked my thought process.

The next album I bought has also been out technically for 7 years. HAHA CHUCK! Another album I love but didn't have all tracks or the physical copy of:

Ah yes! It's Jimmy Eat World's "Bleed American." It's actually the Deluxe Re-Issue calling it by it's real name, "Bleed American." If you remember, the album dropped right after 9/11 so they renamed it "Jimmy Eat World" but apparently it's cool now. They added a bunch of live tracks and stuff from the Australian EP, the From Good To Go EP, and some other jaunz.

It's good.

Anyways, that was completley unnecessary like every other post I have ever created, but thought you should know.

Anyways... have an excellent day...

(Chuck Klosterman and me...)


Jenny said...

Bleed American is an awesome, awesome, awesome album.

Matt said...

I too just bought the deluxe edition of "Bleed American". Being an uber-fan, I've already owned most of the bonus disc's material but gotta support JEW nonetheless.

Emma said...

You look so young in that pic without facial hair!

jess perry! said...

"He's too good to listen to new music on the off chance that it will suck like his god-complex."

you're incredible.

i can't believe you didn't have that weezer cd.
i took that picture and it's hanging on the wall in mine and trevor's room above the bed.