Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life Lesson


Jenny said...

The wife and I learned our lesson about eating at taco bell, when we went there after a metal show (bad idea in itself), and the guy working the counter proceeded to ask me if my friend had a banana (anatomically).

Taco Bell=Peer Lugers of the scum, drug addicted filth of the world.

Do you look pensively at the floor and ceiling silently while you type, too?

Emma said...

Grabes, maybe it's time to stop frequenting fast-food establishments, as you seem to run into problems at all of them.

I like the video thing. See you tonight :-D

Matt said...

This blog has jumped the shark. Graber just posted a video rant. What's next? Some crap about leaving Britney alone?

Oh and you definitely need to stop going to fast food joints. You have no luck there. Sometimes you just need to accept these things. I for example, came to the realization that gyms were places of misery for me. Hence my not frequenting them.