Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Pope's Speech was 'Awesome' Dude...

It was briefly mentioned on the radio show today that if you meet the Pope, what do you say to guy like that. It was stated that you shouldn't say, "A Rabbi, a Shaman, and you walk into a bar..."

I guess we didn't cover all the bases then, because as i watched the end of the Pope's painful speech today, don't ask why, I heard good ol' Prez Bush say something, and my immediate response was "no way!"

I really don't like to dwell on how dumb of a human being he is, but this has to be mentioned. Just when you thought he couldn't embarrass himself any more, he tells the Pope, that he'd his speech was "awesome."

Here it is, in all it's stupid glory:

And for the record, I would make an 'awesome' Pope. C'mon catholic people, throw me a bone, I won't lead you the wrong way... or any worse than it already is...

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Emma said...

The video isn't available anymore and I really want to see it!