Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It Changed My Life

Yes, my life has changed, and no, not through finding Jesus (I knew you were worried)...
I haven't joined a gang or an awesome religious fringe group like the polygamists... I got a DVR.

Some of you may know that my sleep schedule is completely non-natural. Who would have thought a year ago, I'd be sleeping from roughly 9PM to 3AM? Not me... or anyone who knew me in m previous 22 years. It is seriously the most unnatural thing I have ever done in my life, except for that time in Mexico with the midget and the donkey with that thing, ok I don't want to talk about it.

But I've been missing some TV because nothing good is on until at least 9. So i got me one of them fancy DVR's. It's only been plugged in 2 days and I've already seen an improvement in what I am able to watch.

Currently, my DVR is taping every single episode that is on of "Rob and Big," "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil," "The Riches," "South Park," "Cash Cab," "The Office" and "The Girls Next Door." I'd like to point out that no, I do not DVR "The Colbert Report." This is because I can watch any episode I wish on Facebook, and am happy with that. It's a cool application if you're interested...

Am I missing something? I haven't been so hip to the TV guide since I started working. Maybe I'll write more about work at a later time. But right now, I'm happy with the DVR. That's all.

Ooo. if you're into radio this is pretty funny: Stuff Radio People Like


Emma said...

When 30Rock comes back on, you'll want to tape that, Grabes - it's fabulous and Tina Fey is hot.

Andy said...

30 Rock comes back tonight!

I just got a DVR last week finally. I can't believe it took me so long to do it, but I love it. I record everything and then watch it when i have time and skip through all of the commercials and the opening credits. It makes my TV watching much more efficient and now I don't have to worry about trying to find episodes to download online when I can't be at home to watch stuff.

It also helps with how Scrubs conflicts with The Simpsons and Seinfeld everyday between 7 and 8. Sure, they're reruns and I have all episodes of all three shows on DVD, but for some reason, I prefer watching them in syndication so I don't have to pick an episode myself.