Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wendy's Update

Alright people.

As some of you may know, last September I was angered by horrendous customer service at a Wendy's here in MD. I wrote a letter... old-person style.

Turns out, they never got it. But the lady on the phone gave me their fax number an suggested I fax it again. Well tomorrow, when those scumbags at Wendy's get into work, a fat letter of contempt from me will be waiting on their slimy fax machine.

I really do like Wendy's and haven't eaten there since this happened. I haven't been eating any fast food really in a while, and while I'm sure it's good for me, I should be allowed to get wasted and want Wendy's. This is America dammit.

I will update as soon as they act on their poor customer service and general incompetence.


Jenny said...

I hope that after they read your letter, you wake up to find a dump truck spilling thousands of little packages of Wendy's mustard onto your driveway. That would be justice.

Graber said...

i'd have an orgasm...

Emma said...

Oh Grabes, I love you.