Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scientific Facts

I have found the following to be true:


Solero De Jerez – found that eating pineapple cause ulcers

SAT Words:

Porphyrophobia – the fear of pornography involving fire.

Zobo – 1940’s slang for a homeless person’s umbrella.

Snooger – An English soccer hooligan arrested for being drunk in public

Schemozzle – what drunk people with speech impediments call “muzzles”


Mee Pok Mon – a 1994 Chinese flick about a group of traveling “small people” who run into bigfoot


In Massachusetts it is illegal to scare a prostitute with threats of enslavement

In Idaho it is illegal to go trout fishing if you are a potato


AFFF – Anesthesiologists Fighting For Fairness

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