Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Loved Ones / The Gaslight Anthem – The Black Cat Backstage, Washington DC - 2/07/08

As seen on The Syndicate Blog:

Philadelphia’s The Loved Ones are taking New Brunswick, NJ’s own The Gaslight Anthem out for a little trip. 18 days, 18 shows, and approximately 4,800 miles of whooping ass and melting faces started Thursday night at The Black Cat in DC, and will wind their way up and down the east coast heading as far west as St. Louis, culminating in what will certainly be a ferocious show in Phili.

This might be one of the best tours of the year…easy. And you have to ask yourself one question: How many more times will you be able to see either of these bands in an intimate setting? An educated guess will tell you not that much longer.

Lagrecia, the planned opener couldn’t make so NJ’s Static Radio NJ filled in. We missed it. I’m confident it was splendid. Sorry.

The Black Cat’s Backstage was sold out and packed when The Gaslight Anthem took the stage. Honing their craft in dirty, naked wall basements across New Brunswick has really paid off as they ripped through most of their 2007 critically acclaimed Sink or Swim and weren’t shy to lay down some tracks off the new EP. They gave a roaring rendition of the 1st single off the Senor and the Queen EP, the infectious “Wherefor Art Thou Elvis” and the title track, “Senor and the Queen.” The EP promises as much as their full-length and they sure proved it in DC. As good as Sink or Swim is, it cannot do this band justice. To see Gaslight live is a new experience if you’ve never witnessed it. Additionally, there was a rather large fan showing for these dudes… and with good reason.

The Loved Ones’ new full-length Build & Burn was definitely a main focus for the band as they played 6 of the 10 new tracks. Pretty Good Year, the Inquirer, the Bridge, Sarah’s Game, Selfish Masquerade and Louisiana are all new tracks that show just how this band is progressing. A close listen to the new disc will show that not only do the lyrics compare with those of their 2006 release Keep Your Heart but finds a way to rock just as hard while I dare say being “toned down.”

But fear not fans! They handled Suture Self, Breathe In, 100K, Living Will, Benson and Hedges, Arsenic, and even managed to squeak in a track from the self-titled EP. Hint: If you get up close enough to Dave Hause you will can see his eyeballs pop out of his skull during his always energetic and lively performance. And I will point out that drummer Mike Sneeringer is sporting a fantastically ferocious beard.

A word to the wise: GO SEE THIS SHOW.

And here's a friend's review of the show when it went to NYC.

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Matt said...

The Gaslight Anthem is the shizz. I am not sure that I can say the same about Graber, the jury is still kinda out on that one.