Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MC Lars / Lucky Boys Confusion at Rutgers - 12/6/07

Last week I made my way up the Turnpike, as previously noted below, to see MC Lars and Lucky Boys Confusion at the Livingston Student Center at Rutgers. Brian came in from NYC to see Lucky too. Not that many people were there for what I assume are assorted reasons but it just created an intimate crowd with whoever was playing.

Chris Batten and The Woods opened, and we missed it, which was completely fine by me. Paulson played next for approximately the 300th time at a LOCO show. I wasn’t paying attention because I was talking to Allie and assorted peoples.

MC Lars was walking around talking to people the whole time which was cool. I really like “The Laptop EP” and enjoyed playing “The Graduate” on my radio show. I’ve never experienced the rocking rap act live, featuring videos to go along perfectly with the songs, before. It was a lackluster crown but he still ripped through it. Between songs he told what felt like thousands of awful one-liner jokes, called his sister just to say hi, and told the college kids how to download music without get caught.

From what I remember he ripped through (in no particular order):

  • Political Song
  • 21 Concepts
  • Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock
  • Signing Emo
  • Generic Crunk Rap
  • Hurricane Fresh
  • Mr. Raven (doesn't get better than "WHOS THAT RAPPIN ON MY CHAMBER DOOR?!)

Definitely more songs but I can’t remember for the life of me. Feel free to add in the comments section if you were there and actually read this…

Then came Lucky Boys Confusion, a.k.a. the reason I was there to begin with. They’ve gone on hiatus, gotten back together, done side projects, are doing side projects… so it was nice to see them play some songs together. They haven’t played outside Chicago in a long time either. The crowd was so small that they ended up taking requests, and even though Stubhy might not have remembered all the words to all the songs, he gave it his best shot, and I was content with that.

Their set made me realize what I already know which is that they have a ton of songs I don’t know. But then again, I do know a ton as well. But my main passion as far as LBC is concerned is their album “Commitment,” and lucky for me, they played a bunch off of it. As best I can remember, and feel free to add…

  • Fred Astaire
  • Bossman
  • LBC
  • Do You Miss Me (known to many as ‘Our Favorite Song’)
  • Hey Driver
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Closer To Our Graves
  • Medicine and Gasoline
  • Commitment

All in all, good stuff. I played the uber-nerd and had them John Hancock my copy of Commitment. I don’t regret it. Good work LOCO.

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