Saturday, December 22, 2007

Futurama Leaves Adult Swim, but not Stoners Hearts

Good news everyone! Futurama is not leaving TV as I have previously thought. Futurama is leaving Adult Swim as the contract will expire at the end of December. Futurama has a new contract for cable-TV and it’s with Comedy Central. Don’t like Futurama? You’re probably in the minority because the ratings must be through the roof as indicated by the substantial amount of money that Comedy Central has laid out for the sole cable-tv rights. We’re talking about $400,000 per episode! That’s how much the President of the United States makes a year. So now the question is, where do we think the show will fit into the programming schedule? I’m no expert but my money says chances are it lands next to South Park re-runs, and I’m okay with that.

Let me just take a moment to point out how smart Comedy Central is. Family Guy blows the big one. Sure it’s funny, but it’s horrendous. And now Family Guy has no partner in the Adult Swim line-up. Their next best is The Boondocks and somehow I just don’t see that next to Family Guy. I think A.S. may take a rather large hit.

My favorite thing about finding out about this whole ordeal comes from an article written in Variety. 1st,’s description of Bender is, “Bender left his old job bending girders for a new life as part of the Planet Express delivery crew.” Wikipedia describes Bender as, " a foul-mouthes, alcoholic, cigar-smoking, kleptomaniacal, misanthropic, egocentric, ill-tempered robot originally programmed to bend girders for suicide booths. He is Fry's best friend and roomate. He is the ship's cheft (though his cooking is terrible) and primarily assists in delivering cargo from ship to planet." Variety, bless their soul, says that Futurama is “chockfull of characters like Bender the robot, a porn-addicted crackhead.” Wow.

Long live Zoidberg.


themonisrose said...

nerd's unite for futurama. That is the power of the nerd kingdom and our allegiance to watching futurama episodes. 3 more dvd movies to come...can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one that read "Good news everyone!" in the Professor's voice...