Thursday, December 20, 2007

FCC Laxes Media Consolidation

I called my Senator today, what are you doing?

The FCC is at it again, if you haven't heard the news. The Federal Communication Commission just voted recently to lax media consolidation rules. This means that it is easier for large corporations to buy up smaller media outlets. This leads to awful things such as lack of quality reporting on important news issues. If one company owns all the media outlets in town, what sort of varying opinions are we likely to hear?

So today I called my senator, Senator Barbara Mikulski of the great state of Maryland (formerly representative for THE FIGHTIN 3rd!) asking her to join the other 26 senators (bipartisan) that signed a letter saying they'd vote to "revoke and nullify" the recent FCC ruling. I reminded her that 4 years ago, when the FCC did the same ignorant thing, she was part of a group of 55 senators that basically did the same thing. This time she'd be joining other Rock-Star senators such as, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Robert Menendez and my personal favorite, Larry Craig.

If you read this, chances are you should think that this ruling is obnoxious as hell. Click Here, to sign something that says you disagree as well. If nothing else, count it as good deed during the Holiday season if that gets you off...

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