Monday, December 10, 2007

EITM Non-Denom Xmas Show

So my long weekend started last Wednesday with Elliot In The Morning's Non-Denominational Christmas Show at the 9:30 club. Playing the show was none other than Papa Roach, Finger 11 and The Silversun Pickups.

1st let me say that I would not have paid money to see this show. But since tickets were free, I went. I was also excited to see how DC101 puts on a station sponsored show since I've never been to chili-cook off or keggs and eggs.

It was snowing and traffic was bad but we "roughed" it anyways. I'd like to point out that roughed means seeing how far you can get your car to slide sideways in the snow/ice... I had heard that people were lined up outside the club starting at 3:00pm for 8PM doors. Retarded. People were still going to the station at 5:00 to get their tickets and head straight down there. So naturally I was worried about not getting in, especially if I hauled all the way down on stupid metro. We showed up at about 8:45 and literally walked right in. It was crowed, but not full, and definitely no lines. If you waited for 5 hours in the snow, you're dumb.

We got there just as the Silversun Pickups were finishing (who cares) and got to drinking. Finger 11 then played and I'm fairly certain I knew at least the 2 songs that get played on the radio. Funny enough when they played the Franz Ferdinand rip-off "Paralyzer" which could be heard every hour on DC101, they "broke out" of it and played Take Me Out, and went into a medley of a few other songs that escape me right now, but I know that "Another Brick In The Wall" was in there somewhere. The only word I can come up with to describe Finger 11 is 'generic.'

Then Papa Roach was up. I am not ashamed to say that I was excited to see them play. When “Infest” came out in 2000, I was only a sophomore in high school and still sort of feeling out my musical interests… a.k.a. I was impressionable. (I feel like I will always be expanding my musical interests as long as I live) There are albums I love that I’m sure people would be put-off by, and maybe “Infest” is one of them, but I don’t care. As for their performance, they rocked! Sure I had some beers in me by then, but they’re fantastic live. They put on one hell of a show and have really figured out how to work the crowd. Jacoby Shaddix is a great front-man for a band like Papa Roach. (I will point out here that he changed his name after “Infest” came out from Coby Dick. Yeah. That’s right. You would have done the same thing too. His parents suck.) I’ve always been a sucker for someone whose got that crowd control (Billie Joe, Aaron Barrett…)
Naturally the highlights for me were:
  • Last Resort
  • Broken Home
  • Snakes
  • Forever – great radio single ( I’ll write about great radio singles another time)

It was totally worth going to see and I’d see Papa Roach again. Love Elliot In The Morning too so that was cool as well.

One last point of interest... the 9:30 club's bar serves Yuengling Port. It's delicious, and I don't know where else it's served. Mmmm.

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