Saturday, November 10, 2007

94.7 The Globe, Get Your Crap Together, Man

I love radio. I work in radio and I enjoy listening to the radio. I enjoying listening to almost anything as well. Recently (February) 94.7 The Arrow which was classic rock flipped to 94.7 The Globe. I was pretty excited. The new format is AAA or Adult Album Alternative. What's cool about AAA radio is that the playlist is much larger than other radio formats. AAA also plays a more diverse selection of musical types, but strays from hard rock or rap, generally. So The Globe has been a pre-set in my car since I moved home from NYC in August. It's been a great alternative to some of the other crap that's been out there. It's quite possibly the closest thing to free-form radio besides, free-form radio itself.

But today something happened. Tired of listening to best of Don & Mike, I switched over to The Globe just in time for the last 30 seconds of Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.' As soon as it ended, O.A.R.'s 'Love and Memories' came on. Outraged I turned on the CD player as to "put it to the man." Here's what I don't get. My Nirvana issues aside, The Globe shouldn't be playing that. Leave that to DC101 or 98Rock. And as for the OAR, well that just shouldn't be played on radio, but definitely not on AAA radio. The Globe was seriously the first place I heard Lucy In The Sky on the radio, ever. I once heard Cerphe (Veteran DJ, on HFS back in the 70s) say that he hadn't played a certain Black Crowes song all week, and that he'd play it next. AAA is gold, but today Nirvana and O.A.R. played spoiler to this great station / format. Just think about it... I know they only recently got a Program Director, but someone should put a stop to that, sorry...

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